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Singer: Rikki Jai
Lyrics: Gregory Ballantyne

Indian (from India) accent, male voice, spoken:
It gives me great pleasure this evening to welcome to the Caribbean
Lata Mangeshkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Lata Mangeshkar (reverb)


Bindiya chamkegi [words from an old Lata song]


Give me soca ah ha/Boy give me soca, ah ha

Sumintra born in a shack in Debe
And she parents from Indian Walk
This pretty gal I been trackin whole day
Filled wid fancy talk
And she gushing back at me
But when I send my letter
She would send no answer
So I hit the record shops
Indian records I buy up
When I reach by the gyul she say stop, Rikki, stop


Hold de Lata Mangeshkar
Give me soca ah ha ah ha
Tickle me with a lavway
Soca me till I sesay
Hold de Lata Mangeshkar
Give me soca ah ha ah ha

Sumintra judge me for being racist
And tell mi doh tek that chance wid she
Doh let mi catch you in dat foolishness
Trying to reach de Indian in me

Like you into politics
Boy you comin wid your tricks
Boy I'm Trinbagonian
I like soca action
Take your Mohammed Rafi
Bring me Scrunter or Bally
Only then you be talkin to me,
Yes, Rikki, she say


Hold de Lata Mangeshkar.

Bindiya chamkegi, give me soca, ah ha ah ha

Sumintra got me into a corner
She really ketch me outside that night
Was so much years de village joker
I don know since when she get so bright

Must be University
Or those trips to Miami
That make she draw a border
Between roots and culture

She's a liberated soul
Trinbago in she passport..
She say sport you come short


I still believe the best gift is music
Cos music is the food of love
But now I have to come up wid new tricks
For Sumintra to get involve
Was November 30th
A soca song release yet
Man you really out a line
You think calypso like wine

Boy I get she
Leh we wine


Is soca you want, I go give you what you want
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