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Singer: Drupatee Ramgoonai and Machel Montano


Yaari ka kuriya...etc. (inaudible)

[Intro] Machel:

Well this one is called unite de nation
Why can't we all get along?
Why we fuss and fight?
Tonight we come to unite
This is Machel and Drupatee
Whey yuh say?


Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me aaye
To baat ban jaaye
Ah ha baat ban jaaye
Aap jaisa koi---
Yes, maan!
Aap jaisa koi zindagi me aaye

[Refrain] Drupatee:

Aap jaisaa koi meri
[Someone like you .]
zindagi mein aaye
[comes into my life]
To baat banjaaye
[then that will be something/things will happen]
Ah ha to baat banjaaye

[Repeat Refrain]

[Verse 1] Machel:

Noting wrong with wining on ah Indian gyul
Noting wrong with wining on ah Chinee gyul
Noting wrong with wining on ah African gyul
Noting wrong with wining on ah Syrian gyul
Is real unity

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]

[Verse 2] Machel:

Hear mih story
Me eatin meh curry from Harry Lau
Invite him home to eat some pelau
Let me take ah little jump in de bacchanal
Take ah juk and ah wine in de Carnival
Pit in and we eatin dumpling and dhal
Curry crab, fried rice from de Chinee gyul

Now we take a trip down to Port-of-Spain
Make a little stop by de textile king
Pretty in we costume with plenty sequin
cause yuh know we love de jumpin' jumpin'
and that is real unity
(true unity)

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]

Weh yuh say
And that is real unity

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]


Sing babe, come again

Drupatee (singing simultaneously):

Aap jaise koi...


Let's see yuh dancing.
Dance together

Unite de nation, unite de nation


This is a jam, a soca chutney jam [spoken]


Break it down now

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]

Har kisi ko chaahiye
[everyone desires]
Tan man ka milan
[meeting of body and mind]
Kaash kucch pal aisaa
[I wish for some minutes thus]
Dil aap ki ho jaaye
[My heart would be yours]
Baat ban jaaye
Ah ha, baat ban jaaye

[Refrain x 2]

[Verse 3] Machel:

Say every creed and race,
We jumpin' as one
Every creed could jump in ah band
Love one another united nation
Prime Minister all politician
President, police, and all civilian
Unite de nation, unite de nation

Repeat Verse 1 (nothing wrong with wining..)
Real unity, real unity
Show me, show me

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]


Sing it again!

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]

[Verse 4] Machel:

Everybody looking at we
How we wining in ah unity
Is Mr. Machel with Drupatee
Movin like ah big family
And that is real unity
(true unity)

Say we jumpin' up in ah band
Every single man and every woman
Politician and the pan man
Arawak, Carib, AmerIndian

Unite de nation
Unite de nation
Unite de nation

Drupatee: [Refrain x 2]

[Verse 5] Machel:

Everybody hug up together as one
And love yuh sister
And love yuh brother
In band, unification, they pon de plan
Unite de nation, unite de nation
Bang ba dang, ba dang
Raise up yuh hand

[Drupatee continues to sing "Aap jaise koi" in the background]

Jump wit ah Indian gyul
Let me see yuh wine on ah Chinee gyul
Let me see yuh wine on ah African gyul
Come and take ah piece of de bacchanal

Noting wrong wit one..
Noting wrong wit one..


This is jam
Real unity, real unity
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