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Singer: Killer
(Sung by Peter Pitts)

This is very true
ah decide this year to marry a Hindu
so is Hundreds of Indians gather
Yes indeed up in Marabella
Man, Pooran get crazy
When they start wid dis sweet melody
Sing jaago shilaam, jaago jaago shilaam
Updika dingaka dangaika dum

Things now gettin sweet
They bring ah set ah dhalbaat for me to eat
Lahd! Is pepper like fire
Ah cyan stan de burnin ah bawlin for water
So big belly Ramlal
Come wid a coolie drum and a dhantal
Singin, everytime ah passin gyal
Yuh grindin massala..
Everytime ah passin gyal yuh grindin' massala
Grindin' massala, grindin' massala,
An everytime a passin well she grindin' massala

Ah cyan get a chance
Ramsingh . we starting to dance
Lahd! Roop, Soojan and Bodi
See Marajhin in de ceremony

So Fasil and Pedro
Come start wid dis leggo
Singin Bombay se dulahin
Daahai yaare da puchi

[Repeat last two lines]

So these are the two parties
Took part in the ceremony

Well, yes, Apan, Beychan, and Ahir,
Punday, Ramdan and Sookir
Lahd! Ah told apan Bansan
These guys are playing Amellican
Singin, Thousand Amellican laanded in Paart ah Spain
Some come by baatleship, some come by yaaroplane

So I get a invitation
Long time for Indian celebration
Lahd! Which took place at Penal
So see Peter in de Indian festival
So is Mr.Raitee and Kumar
That was de chairman of de festival
Singin, but Shariya gyal yuh playin baad
Nadiya ke paar
But Shariya gyal yuh playin baad
Hai azee...nangri.. (not audible)
And everytime I passin by she does show me she...[clucking noises]
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