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Singer: Mighty Sparrow

At a Indian fiesta drink up meh daru [Indian brew]
To the lil sister I say Beti I love yuh

She seh: You try wid Marajhin and cause confusion
Seems like yuh have ah weakness for Indian
Like something sweeten yuh and have yuh crazy
Well get it from somebody else not me


She sing, gori banda aadmee na mangay kamkaray
[Fair one, this useless fellow doesn't want to work]
Chod day hamaar baytee na paisa na shaadi
[Leave our daughter alone, no money means no wedding]
I will give you roti, I will give you dhal
I will give you kachorie [fried savoury] with pepper, that's all
Hamar mai bola tu bada badmass [my mother says you are a big rogue]
So if you touch me, latee mangay [want licks/blows], cutlass go pass

Yuh are everyting a man could ever want
I adore you more than ..
Around me neck nana [grandfather] go break he dhantal [musical instrument]
Plus baap [father] no like kilwal [creole] at all, at all
Is true yuh have honourable intention
But nani [grandmother] go call me 'neemakharaam' [traitor]


Gyul more .. beauty lovelier than yuh
I'll always be your love whatever your parents do
Their suspicion and skepticism
In no way could stop the wedding plan
So when they call me kutar [kutta=dog], bilal [billi=cat], chamar [leather worker, untouchable]
Make de thing more garam and mitar [hot and sweet]


Gyul I have so much of everything for yuh
Leh me feel your touch, tell me that your love is true
You are mine and I am your turtle dove
Though bigotry is threatening our love
Thakre thakre thakre hamse [they are obstructing us]
Where there is a will there is a way
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