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Singer: Mighty Sparrow

You are the genesis of my happiness
You are the one that I have always dreamed of
You got everything I need, everything I want
How can I exist without your sweet love

When I see you in your sari or your orhni
I am captivated by your innovative beauty
If it wasn't for your nanee [grandmother] and your bhowji [sister-in-law]
I would marry you and take you in the country


Marajhin, marajhin, oh my sweet dulahin [bride]
Saucy marajhin, sexy marajhin, racy marajhin, all right
O dulahin o dulahin, hear the sweet music playing
I want to hold you, I want to rock you
I want to jam you, jam you, jam you, jam tonight

Scarlet imortelle trees, fluttering in the breeze
In a land of love and full of sunshine
As the grass is green, so you are a queen
And I'm longin so much to make you mine

I will work de land and give you all de paisa [money]
And will even drink your jhoota [something already sipped by her] from your lota [cup]
If you only whisper to me 'aw na Baytia' [come baby]
To the rhythm of the tassa we go soca


Shower me with your kiss
Give me eternal bliss
Make me to know true love and delectation
I will forever try
Until the day I die
With all due adoration and devotion

Bolo bolo kyah hamsey mohabbat kiya [say say what, you've loved me]
Say you'll give me all your sweet loving forever
Tum hee mera sapne sundar ki raanee [you are the queen of my beautiful dreams]
Anyone could see you are the queen of beauty


In this loving.....
Why should our cultures keep us apart
You are my sugar gyul
Sweet little honeybunch
You are the melody singin in my heart
Well I love roti and sweet barra
And I'll try and get accustomed to jeera[?]
Then I'll learn to play a bhogan [bhajan? Religious song] on the sitar
And I'll gladly trade my toilet paper for some water


I will tell you true
De way I sing for you
I will do anything to make you happy
So if you think its best
I change my style of dress
I will wear a kapra or a dhoti
I will give you a (modern?) ajoupa [hut] down in Penal
And I'll change meh name to Rooplall or Baboolall
Then I'll learn to grind massala and chonkay dhal
And jump out of time to sweet pan soca melody

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