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Singer: Brother Marvin

I am the seed of meh father
He is the seed of meh grandfather
Who is the seed of Bahut Ajah [great grandfather]
He came from Calcutta
Ah stick and ah bag on he shoulder

He turban and he kapra
So I am part seed of India


The indentureship and the slavery
Bind together two races in unity
Achcha dosti [good friend]
There was no more Mother Africa
No more Mother India, just Mother Trini
My Bahut Ajah planted sugarcane
Down in the Caroni plain
So Ramlogan, Basdeo, Prakash and I
Is Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai

I would be ah disgrace to Allah
If I choose race, creed or colour
Bahut Ajah had to make that journey
For I to have Zindagee [life]
So it is ah great privilege
To have such unique heritage
Fifty percent Africa, fifty percent India

I have "do chuttee" [two holidays]
Emancipation and Arrival Day
Aant bhala so bhala
Since Fatel Rozack made the journey
150 years gone already
Bahut achcha... [very good]
Whether you're Hindu, Muslim or Christian
Let's walk this land hand in hand
We could only prosper if we try
As Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai

Kumayah Zindawey Ayayo
O mera dost mera saathi [o my friend, my companion]
Chal tahalna ek matt [let's stroll together]
Agal bagal.... [side by side]

For those who playing ignorant
Talking 'bout true African descendant
If yuh want to know de truth
Take ah trip back to yuh roots
And somewhere on that journey
Yuh go see ah man in ah dhoti
Saying he prayers in front of ah jhandi


Then and only then you'll understand
What is ah cosmopolitan nation
Haat melawo [let's join hands]
There's no room for prejudice at all
United we stand, divided we'll fall
Bete baat ko garro [child, pay heed to what I'm saying]
So to all races here in Trinbago
Aapko kalyan ho dhaniaho [may you be blessed, may you prosper]
Let us live as one under the sky
As Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai
Jahaji Bhai
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