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Singer: Drupatee Ramgoonai
Composer: Wayne McDonald

Time to jam
O lawd
And dey calling for de soca, aha
Bring de panman and
Come a little closer
O lawd

Cos we goin an interfere wid de soca
And we add a little curry and some jeera
and you know you goin to like me wid dis style
It go send you wild


Indian soca, aha
Soundin sweeter, oho
Hotter than a chulha
Rhythm from Africa
And from India
Blend together is a perfect mixture oh oh
All we doin is addin new flavour oh oh
And now we get on to Indian soca oh oh

Shorty I the master of de soca, aha
Tell me why I ent do one dem tenor
O lawd
Cos' he find meh style sounding so sweet and racy
And we pack meh them with great good melody
And dem pan man really
Looking for a change
That they could arrange


Indian soca aha soundin sweeter oho

Hotter than a chulha
Rhythm from Africa
And from India
Come together in a perfect mixture
All we doin is addin new flavour
Leh we get onto Indian soca

That's what I like..
Is a mix-up rhythm
Rhythm, rhythm

From the hills o lord
Way up in Laventille aha
Panman skills must be linked to [must spill into] Caroni o lawd
For we goin and cause a fusion wid de culture
to widen we scope and vision for de future
And the only place to start is wid de art
Panman play your part


Indian soca, soundin sweeter
Hotter than a chulha

They gi' me blows o lawd last year for doing soca
But it shows how much dey know about de culture
For de music of the steeldrum from Laventille
Cannot help but mix wid de rhythm from Caroni
For is a symbol of how much we come of age
It's a brand new stage


Indian soca aha
Soundin sweeter oho
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